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Core Strategies

KENEDIX Residential Investment Corporation (KDR) outsources asset management to Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. (KFM), a company that was formed with personnel from Kenedix, Inc. and adheres to the core philosophies of Kenedix, Inc., that is, to provide management services from the perspective of real estate investors as an independent real estate management company. As the asset manager, KFM shall provide investment and management services based on the three core strategies of KDR: "Consistent External Growth by Making use of Good Judgment," "Efficient Profit Management" and "Challenge New Business Opportunities."

KFM is committed to maximizing the profits of unitholders by realizing stable rental revenues and steady growth of the asset size by leveraging the characteristics of rental housing and other residential properties through "flexible" and "dynamic" real estate investment management.


1. Consistent External Growth by Making use of Good Judgment

KDR will pursue consistent external growth without getting caught in tough price competition by utilizing our good judgment developed as property investment management professionals to select ideal investment opportunities, analyzing the potential earning capacity of land and selecting attractive investments from a variety of opportunities.

2. Efficient Profit Management

KDR will maintain and enhance asset value by maximizing the rental revenue generated from assets under its management, through efficient leasing operations in line with the investors' perspectives, and continue to pursue cost reduction through efficient property management.

3. Challenge New Business Opportunities

KDR will keep challenging new approaches as a J-REIT, through "flexible" and "dynamic" real estate investment and management, on the premise of contributing to stable rental revenues and steady growth of its asset size, which are the purposes of KDR.